Autism & ADD/ADHD


Autism is a disorder that typically appears early in childhood and is characterized by learning difficulties, speech problems, repetitive behaviors, and impaired communication and social interaction skills. The condition usually involves multiple systems in the body, including the neurological, immune, hormone, and gastrointestinal systems. Because of its systemic nature and symptoms that may vary significantly by individual, it is one of the most difficult conditions to treat.

Attention-deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are related, but less severe conditions, characterized by age-inappropriate impulsiveness, an inability to focus and maintain attention, learning difficulties, and sometimes hyperactivity.


The exact cause/s of these disorders remain to be proven. Based on the research and clinical evidence, it seems clear that the conditions are biomedical in nature. The disorders may be influenced by genetics, but likely primarily result from environmental factors, including exposure to toxins (e.g., heavy metals) and a significantly expanded vaccination schedule. In turn, these environmental factors may lead to disordered mineral transport, oxidative stress, disregulated immune response, and an inability to properly digest / absorb / metabolize nutrients.

My Treatment Approach

- With testing and/or an elimination diet, help parents to identify potential food sensitivities/allergies and reduce/avoid those foods. This step helps the gut to heal and allow it to better digest and absorb nutrients properly. Oftentimes, parents have already identified and removed suspected problem foods and food additives from the diet. If not, I explain how food allergy testing and/or an elimination can be used to help identify them.

- If desired and appropriate, I can also help parents to understand and implement one or more of the commonly used diets, e.g.:

     - Gluten-free / Casein-free (GF/CF)

     - Simple Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

     - Feingold

     - Low-oxalate

     - GAPS

     - Etc.

- Supplement to help support the body's brain, digestion, and immune function, e.g.:

     - Vitamins

     - Minerals

     - Essential fatty acids

     - Amino acids

     - Enzymes

     - Probiotics

     - Anti-microbials

     - Etc.

- Avoid future toxin exposure, and safely / properly reduce existing toxin levels in the body. This step is critically important.

If heavy metals are involved (which they often are), I know how to safely and effectively address the issue extremely well. As described here, I had mercury toxicity and completely recovered using a safe and effective approach. Keep in mind, there are many practitioners out there who say they know how to help people recover from metal toxicity. Nearly all of them use unsafe and/or ineffective approaches (e.g., IV chelation, herbs, improper dosing, etc.).

- Address existing chronic infections (bacterial, viral, fungal). This step is also very important. Such infections are common, and their presence can significantly affect the body's brain, digestion, and immune function.

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