Digestive Disorders



Digestive disorders are common.  Somewhere between one-third and one-half of all adults have one, including conditions such as:


- Ulcers

- Heartburn / indigestion

- Gastritis

- Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's, ulcerative colitis)

- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

- Diverticular disease

- Leaky gut syndrome

- Gut flora imbalance (dysbiosis)

- Celiac disease

- Candidiasis

- Diarrhea

- Constipation

- Bloating

- Incomplete digestion of food


Proper digestion and absorption of food is critical if the body's cells are to get the essential nutrients needed to function well.  If the gastrointestinal system is not working correctly, it is very likely that one or more of the body's other major systems (e.g., vascular, nervous, immune) will also be significantly affected.





There are many potential factors that may affect digestive function, including:


- Food sensitivities/allergies

- Infectious agents - e.g., yeast, bacteria, parasites

- Damage to the lining and function of the gut wall

- Enzyme deficiencies

- Low gastric acid secretion (hypochlorhydria)

- Nutrient deficiencies

- Inadequate dietary fiber

- Medication use - e.g., antibiotics, NSAIDs, aspirin, steroids, laxatives

- Environmental toxin exposure - e.g., heavy metals, excessive alcohol

- Psychological stress



My Treatment Approach


- With testing and/or an elimination diet, identify potential food sensitivities/allergies and reduce/avoid those foods.


- Shift to an anti-inflammatory diet.


- Supplement to support and maintain healthy digestive function:

     - Vitamins

     - Minerals

     - Essential fatty acids

     - Amino acids

     - Enzymes

     - Probiotics

     - Anti-microbials

     - Fiber


- Identify/address existing chronic infections (bacterial, parasitic, fungal).


- Avoid future toxin exposure, and safely / properly reduce existing toxin levels in the body.


- Seek professional help for existing psychological factors (e.g., stress).

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