Menopause is commonly defined as the cessation of the menstrual cycle in women for a period of one year and typically occurs between the ages of 40 and 55.  Perimenopause is the transition period prior to and during menopause, while postmenopause refers to the period of time following menopause.


Common conditions associated with menopause include:

- Hot flashes

- Loss of libido

- Memory loss

- Inability to concentrate

- Insomnia

- Osteoporosis

- Cold hands and feet

- Anxiety / irritability

- Depression

- Headaches

- Atrophic vaginitis


It is unclear whether the symptoms of menopause are a natural part of aging.  It is interesting to note that women in many cultures around the world do not experience them, even though they have hormonal patterns similar to women in industrialized countries.  Dietary and/or environmental factors may play a significant role in the development of these symptoms.






- Changing hormone levels as the result of no longer ovulating


Factors that can worsen symptoms:

- Smoking

- Nutrient deficiencies

- Toxin exposure - e.g., heavy metals

- Physical inactivity



My Treatment Approach


- Shift to an anti-inflammatory diet.


- Supplement to help manage symptoms and avoid deficiencies, e.g.:

      - Vitamins

      - Minerals

      - Essential fatty acids

      - Herbals


- Avoid future toxin exposure, and safely / properly reduce existing toxin levels in the body.


- If smoking, try to stop on your own or join a smoking cessation program.


- Incorporate regular, moderate exercise.


- Optimize sex hormone levels using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Other Conditions

Autism & ADD/ADHD

Chronic Fatigue &

Memory Loss & Brain Fog

Digestive Disorders

Allergies & Asthma

Mercury Poisoning & Heavy Metal Toxicity



Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure



Prostate Issues

Skin Disorders

Vision Problems

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