Skin Disorders


There are many different types of common skin disorders, including:

- Acne

- Athlete's foot

- Dandruff

- Eczema / Dermatitis

- Hives

- Psoriasis

- Warts

- Etc.

Common symptoms may include redness, itching, and scaling or flaking of the skin.  Corticosteriods, anti-fungals, anti-bacterials, and anti-virals are commonly prescribed medications.  However, these treatments may not address the underlying cause/s of the problems.


Potential contributing factors include:

- Allergic reactions - both those related to foods consumed and substances that come in direct contact with the skin

- Infections - e.g., fungal, bacterial, viral

- Damage to the lining and function of the gut wall

- Gut flora imbalance (dysbiosis)

- Food additives - e.g., preservatives, MSG

- Low gastric acid secretion (hypochlorhydria)

- Enzyme deficiencies

- Nutrient deficiencies

- Medication use - e.g., antibiotics

- Hormonal changes

- Genetic immune system tendencies

- Environmental toxin exposure - e.g., heavy metals

My Treatment Approach


Address each of the potential root causes, e.g.:

- Identify and address potential food allergies or intolerances.

- Identify and remove potential external / contact allergens (e.g., lotions, detergents, metal jewelry).

- Identify and address potential infections.

- Shift to an anti-inflammatory diet.

- Include supplementation to support digestive and immune function, e.g.:

      - Vitamins

      - Minerals

      - Herbals

      - Essential fatty acids

      - Enzymes

      - Probiotics

      - Anti-microbials

- Avoid future toxin exposure, and safely / properly reduce existing toxin levels in the body.

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